Improving allergy / sensitivity symptoms

Improving allergy / sensitivity symptoms – the Energy Medicine Way!

Dr Kefalos has techniques to help rid you of sensitivity reactions to seasonal pollens, foods, dander and chemicals. We can work with 3 different allergens in one session. For pollens, we can work with 5 (see below in case history).
For those troubled with seasonal allergies, know that it is your birthright to walk the earth unencumbered by fear of allergy reactions to the beautiful plants of the season! Dr K rid herself of her own spring allergy symptoms and would like to help you clear what ever allergies you might have.
We start with the simplest techniques first – because at least 60% of the time, only one session is needed. You will be asked to return in 1 week to see how the corrections are holding. If there are still issues, we will repeat the process. Dr K will order energy vials for you to take home and do the simple procedure on yourself daily for 1 week. You will then not do anything on yourself for another week and be checked by Dr K. If there is still something not holding the correction, we will move on to another protocol. This is more time consuming and provides a deeper correction. This does entail daily homework for 1 month.

This case history will be informative:
A woman in her 50’s had seasonal allergies when she lived on the east coast 25 years ago. When she left the north east, her symptoms improved only to return when she moved to Portland. Her symptoms included watery eyes, congestion and post nasal drip leading to an irritating cough. The first year she worked with an acupuncturist weekly for 6 months. This did not improve her spring allergy symptoms. The next year she did NAET. This did not provide results either. The third year she worked with Dr Kefalos. She tested ‘weak’ to all 5 of the spring allergy vials (flowers, grasses, trees, shrubs and weeds). Dr K did a combination of Eden Energy Medicine allergy relief techniques and other methods. The energy reaction to all the vials cleared up. By the next week her symptoms were improved, but not fully resolved. Only one energy vial tested weak the following session. That one reactive pattern was deeply entrenched, therefore we needed a third session. She was given homework to do. Within 1 month she no longer reacted to any of the vials and her spring allergy symptoms were gone.

These techniques have best results when people are doing daily energy medicine exercises which keep energies flowing and in balance.