Mercury Detox

Concerned about your Amalgam fillings?

These contain mercury which is known to be toxic to the human body. Many people are interested in having their old mercury fillings removed but are justifiably concerned about releasing more mercury into their systems in the process.

Dr Kefalos will muscle test you with energy vials of various concentrations of mercury, to determine what your current load is. She will then discover which drainage remedies are best suited to your body. It is recommended that you begin these before you have the fillings removed so the detox process can already be in gear.
She will then test you after your fillings have been removed to learn which concentration of mercury you now ‘resonate’ with. Typically the level will the same or only slightly higher (there is inevitably some exposure to mercury during even the most careful the amalgam removal process).
She will recommend that you continue drainage supplements, (as indicated by muscle testing) and test you intermittently until your level is sufficiently decreased.
Dr K can recommend local dentists who are very experienced in how to keep you as safe as possible.

Dr K can also work with you on a general detox. We are sure to help the body detox in all ways, supporting liver, kidneys, lungs, bowels and skin. For best success all the exit portals need to be functioning optimally!