Practice Policies

Wellness Facilitation Fee:
Starting in January 2018, I will be instituting an annual Wellness Facilitation Fee.

Scheduling appointments:
To make your first appointments please call the office. For follow up appointments, you may email or you may call the office. Dr K will accommodate same-day urgent appointments after you are an established patient. 
-If you would like an appointment but are unable to come during our usual hours, please contact us as we might be able to accommodate you.
 –Timeliness is very important! There is rarely more than a few minutes wait to see the doctor when you arrive for your appointment. For this reason, we call our front room ‘the reception area’ not ‘the waiting room.’

Cancellation policy: If you are unable to keep your appointment, please give 48 business hours notice or you shall be charged for the missed visit.

Electronic Medical Record: Dr K uses a HIPPA approved EMR. You will be asked to input your information on an iPad when you arrive. If you are unable to do this, we will do it for you.

Insurance Participation:
Dr K  participates with the following Insurance Plans: 
Regence Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
First Choice Heatlh
Health Net (NOT the Community Care Plan)
MODA (formerly ODS. NOT The Synergy Network or Medical Home plans)
Pacific Source
Providence (NOT Medical Home Plans such as Connect and Choice)
United Health Care

-Please bring your insurance card with you. If you change insurance plans be sure to let us know!

-Please note that Morphogenic Field Technique, Nutrition Response Testing and Eden Energy Medicine are not billable to insurance.

Medicare: Dr K has ‘opted-out’ of Medicare. This means that the office will not submit claims to Medicare and that you must not submit a claim to Medicare for services provided by Dr K. Medicare will not reimburse you for any services provided by Dr K. You will be fully responsible for payment at the time of service.

Payment Policy
-Co-payments are expected at the time of the visit.
-Deductibles are also expected to be paid at the time of the visit.
-Self-pay patient fees are: $400 for the initial visit comprehensive medical visit. Follow up visits are $220/hour billed in 15 minute intervals.

 Wellness Facilitation:
A life of wellness is a journey, an on-going process of tuning in (to your mind, body and spirit) and discovering your balance. Dr K and Tomas, the office Wellness Facilitator, are here to guide and assist you on your personal journey. Our practice ethic is to see fewer patients and give those patients more time and undivided attention. Once you have had your initial visit with Dr K, you have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with Tomas.

Prescriptions and Prescription Refills:
-We are happy to contact your pharmacy for your refills. Please stay mindful of what prescription refills you will be requiring so this can be brought up at the time of your visit or during regular office hours.

 -Dr K very rarely prescribes narcotics and will direct you to a specialist if you require narcotics on an on-going basis.

If you require a referral:
You have a choice about where to receive diagnostic testing, health care treatment and services. Please speak to Dr K about your preference when a referral is needed. Be sure to contact your insurance company for additional information (such as discovering if the location participates with your insurance).

If you require hospitalization:
Dr K does not admit to hospital. If you require emergency care or hospitalization, you will be referred to a specialist or the Emergency Department. Hospitals employ doctors called ‘hospitalists’ who admit patients and manage their care while in the hospital. Dr. K will communicate and collaborate with the admitting physician to maintain an excellent continuity of your care. Once discharged, Dr K will arrange to see you in the office to continue ongoing out-patient care.

Contacting Dr. Kefalos:
-During office hours the best way to get a message to Dr K is to call the office. Andi, Dr K’s assistant is usually able to answer the phone. If she is helping with another person, you may leave a message on the phone voice mail. You will get a call back as soon as we are able.
-Established patients have access to our secure patient portal, OnPatient. This is an excellent way to communicate non-urgent matters. Issues that require more than a simple answer will require an office visit.
-For emergencies after office hours: call the office and a recording will instruct you. To reach Dr Kefalos you may call the mobile office phone 971-258-4747. This number is for after hour emergency issues only. For a situation that clearly requires a visit to the emergency room or hospitalization, please do not delay! Proceed to the ER then call Dr K. She will collaborate with the ER and admitting physicians.
-When Dr K is taking time away from the office she will either be available by phone, Skype and secure messaging and/or you will be directed to a medical colleague who is providing on-call coverage.

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs ~ 9:30 – 4:30   Wed, Fri ~ 9:30-12:30
2455 NW Marshall Street, Suite 12 Portland, Oregon 97210
503-227-2200 / fax 503-227-5150
Fax direct to secure electronic medical record 503-470-7003