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My hair stopped falling out!

I am an 85 year old woman and I was experiencing hair loss. After taking the supplements that Dr K recommended (based on muscle testing and lab work) my hair returned to normal in one month.
– RD

Great improvement in my energy and relief from insomnia and digestive issues!

With Dr. Kefalos I have the best of both worlds – an Internal Medicine doctor and an alternative medicine practitioner.

After traditional doctors repeatedly pronounced me very healthy, I began searching for someone who could help me with exhaustion and a general unwell feeling, especially after the onset of menopause five years ago. I set an appointment with a naturopath, but hesitated and cancelled.

In the seven months since I started seeing Dr K I have experienced remarkable progress. The supplements for adrenal fatigue and the Energy Medicine exercises have been extremely effective. I now have tons of energy plus a sense of well-being that I thought had been lost forever. Because of Dr K, I am enjoying my life!

She has also helped me address sleep and digestive issues and has given me valuable advice on diet.

Dr K has truly changed my life and I can not thank her enough. I look forward to continuing my journey of good health with her as my guide.
– Julie F

Energy Medicine gave me my life back!

I would like to share my experience with energy medicine work that Dr K did with me and the Donna Eden Energy Medicine exercises she taught me. It is difficult to explain the magic, but I will try.
I am 68 years old and am in reasonable health for a woman of my age, but I have experienced profound health improvements in the last few months that I attribute to this. It took me a few months to discipline myself to do the exercises daily, but once I did it, it was only a week or two before I started to see unexpected positive changes in my health.
At first my mind insisted I was imaging everything. Within a few weeks though, I could feel energy realigning. Over time my ability to feel the energy has grown stronger as has my ability to intuit how to use and increase its effect.
Within 4 months I noticed many health improvements. When I began, I had chronically poor circulation in my feet, resulting in swelling and discoloration. Now the circulation has almost returned to normal. Before the sessions with Dr K and doing the energy exercises at home, I often felt ungrounded and easily overwhelmed. I now feel grounded and able to handle most situations easily. I used to take supplements regularly for aches and pains and to increase my energy level. I have been able to stop them – pain is gone and my energy level is what it was 30 years ago. To me that is astonishing.
I do not want to sound like an infomercial, but energy medicine really worked for me. I encourage you to investigate the healing properties of energy medicine for yourself.
– Sally B

Adrenal Fatigue

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kefalos. She has truly changed my life for the better and I feel so lucky to have found her. After suffering from Adrenal fatigue for 25 years, I immediately found hope and healing when seeing her. The alternative therapies used have been a pleasant surprise making a tremendous difference. It has been a refreshing change from the years of being turned away time and time again with no answers. I always walk in to find tremendous support and encouragement and walk out feeling truly confident that I am on my way to complete 100% health. Her and her staff are so pleasant to work with and I am so grateful for their help. Thank you so much Dr. Kefalos! You have been a life savor!
– Jenny L

Help for Hormone Imbalance

When I first saw Dr.K, I’d had vague symptoms of not feeling well for years which weren’t taken seriously by other doctors I’d seen. These symptoms included fatigue, irritability, food cravings and simply not feeling right. Dr K ordered lab tests including hormone testing which revealed a hormone imbalance. Dr K treated the hormone imbalance and since then, I’ve felt better than I have in years. I’m more calm, less irritable, have fewer food cravings, and my overall sense of wellbeing has improved significantly. I really appreciate Dr K’s individualized approach that includes both conventional and complementary medicine. I’m so glad I found Dr K and her staff.
– Rosie B

Chronic Fatigue, Muscle pain, Asthma, Digestive issues.

After 6+ years of trying to get answers to ongoing intestinal issues, chronic tiredness, muscle fatigue, food allergies (gluten intolerance) and adult onset asthma that my ‘numerous’ doctors and bottles of medicines were not helping; I was only getting worse. Fainting spells landed me in the hospital and eventually I had to leave work. No doctor had an answer! I am so blessed to have found Dr. Kefalos.

With Dr. K’s experience in kinesiology /muscle testing we began to focus on specific issues. Dietary changes and supplements were suggested. At first I had visits twice/month; later I was able to go 3 months between visits. In the year that I have been seeing Dr. K I am thrilled to say my asthma symptoms are gone and my energy level and health are getting better every day and I am back to work!

Dr Kefalos has great compassion, understanding and a warm presence that help ever so much in the on-going healing process and the relationship between doctor and patient. Many thanks!
– Sheri T

Headaches improved and I am feeling better.

Severe headaches:
It is amazing how much better I am feeling by changing my diet and using the digestive enzymes recommended by Dr. Kefalos. I was having frequent debilitating headaches with vomiting often sometimes the headaches and vomiting would last 48 hours. In the pass few months I have had a few light headaches that have lasted no longer than a few hours. As I continue with the dietary changes and enzymes I feel lighter, my head feels clearer and body aches and pains have subsided. Thanks!
– JP

Physical Exam

I knew I needed a full physical exam but didn’t want a doctor working in a big medical center environment. I decided to give Dr. Kefalos a try, and I’m glad I did. She’s extremely thorough, fully experienced, and has a big heart. I feel fortunate to have her as my doctor.
– DL

What folks have said about their experience with Kinesiology / Muscle testing~

Pain (Fibromyalgia,) sleep, mood and energy all improved

I began doing the Morphogenic Field Technique muscle testing with Dr K and within 1 month I was feeling better overall. I continue to gradually improve. I had been told by another physician that I had fibromyalgia. When I first came, I had lots of pain all over my body. I am no longer having this discomfort at all!  I feel less depressed (I feel like I have a more solid foundation).  I am sleeping sounder (had dreams for the first time in 20 years!).   I feel more relaxed and have more energy.  The low back pain that I’d had for 2-3 years is much better – essentially gone!  The testing revealed that some scars were affecting me.  Applying the oil to the scars brought back memories and helped me to clear out old issues and resolve physical pain. The laser treatments also really helped my back. I willingly take several supplements/day because they really help! Its worth the drive from Eugene to see Dr K in Portland.  – Patricia T.

Headaches and Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

When my internist moved across the country, I couldn’t imagine finding another doctor I liked or trusted as well. I was so lucky to find Dr. Kefalos! She is incredibly thorough, a caring physician, and a top-notch internist. The wonderful bonus is her integrative focus and knowledge of Kinesiology. Though I knew nothing about muscle testing, I gave it a try because I trust her medical expertise. My Kinesiology sessions with Dr. K revealed adrenal fatigue and food sensitivities I was unaware of. Her protocols to treat these issues have brought me more energy, relief from daily headaches, and, when I avoid my “trigger” foods, growing relief from the IBS symptoms I’ve had for over thirty years. Thank you, Dr. K! – Sue M.

Anxiety and digestive problems:

I am converted! I came to Dr. Kefalos with anxiety and digestion problems and in a few short months I feel much less anxious, my elimination is regular for the first time in years, and my overall sense of well-being has improved. – J.J.

In my 60 years of experience, I have encountered doctors, specializing in the cure of disease, and healers, who revere and dedicate themselves to the mind/body power of healing. Dr. Kefalos is both, a scientist and a holistic MD, and that dual expertise is reflected in her attitude towards prescription drugs, nutrition and overall physical and mental balance of her patients. I was sorry to see her leave my town, but grateful that she still makes herself available electronically. Dr. Kefalos is the kind of health professional one needs for guidance in navigating our miraculous yet increasingly complex and polluted world. M.P.

I went to Dr. Kefalos feeling totally run down. She recognized in my overall appearance that I was exhausted and suggested a test that revealed I had adrenal fatigue. She recommended some reading material and specific supplements. Within six months, I felt so much better and back to an energy level that I had when I was much younger! – CB

Severe headaches:
It is amazing how much better I am feeling by changing my diet and using the digestive enzymes recommended by Dr. Kefalos. I was having frequent debilitating headaches with vomiting often sometimes the headaches and vomiting would last 48 hours. In the pass few months I have had a few light headaches that have lasted no longer than a few hours. As I continue with the dietary changes and enzymes I feel lighter, my head feels clearer and body aches and pains have subsided. Thanks!  – JP

Severe Mastitis:
I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. When I came to you, I was at my wits end. I was suffering with a horrible case of mastitis which resulted in my breast blistering and bleeding in several places due to medication I am on for bi-polar disorder. I was also very lethargic at times and very anemic. My prolactin level and inflammation levels were high although I was being treated for the raised prolactin level. My overall health was at an all time low.  Dr K started with a medical evaluation and counseling as well as suggested ways to improve my diet and begin exercise. Through the nutritional testing, self-care techniques, and a regimen of supplements suggested by Dr K, I have seen a visable and remarkable change in the state of my breast and my overall wellness. My mental wellness has also improved. I am more productive and focused. – DE
(NOTE: This patient had been to several other physicians before coming to me. She had been on antibiotics for over 1 year. The antibiotics initially helped her mastitis, then stopped helping, which is why she found her way to my office.)

Uterine Fibroids:
Several years into menopause my gynecologist would report no marked change in the size of my fibroids  Within two (2) months of seeing Dr. Kefalos, who placed me on a daily regiment of wheat germ oil (oral and topical), among other Standard Process supplements, as well as laser scar removal in the area of the uterus, my gynecologist reported a substantial reduction in my fibroids.  Thanks so much Dr. Kefalos. – BPW

Hepatitis C: 
This is a report on my improved physical and mental condition since the beginning of my treatment plan with Dr. Kirana Kefalos. The lingering discomfort in my side where my liver is, has all but gone away (with exception when I’m really fatigued, then I feel it a little). My viral count for the HEP C virus is down from approximately 465,000 to 48,000. Besides the statistics, I have a lot more energy and I’m sleeping better. I’m quite confident that I’m on the road to better health because of her treatment plan. – ER
(NOTE: Hepatitis C viral loads can vary spontaneously, and rather dramatically, even without treatment.)

I really miss you. You are one of the most caring, informative and personable doctors that I ever had the pleasure of knowing. The Virgin Islands has lost one of their most valuable person. You are a treasure. I know that your new patients will truly benefit from your care. Please take care of yourself and love ones. Peace and Blessings to you always. – JK

I wish you continued success in your practice as you interact with, learn from and teach your patients during their wellness journey. I will miss you greatly. – DE

What participants of our Stress-Reduction through Mind-Body Awareness Gatherings said: 

This was a good balance of science and holistic approach to health and health care. The sharing of experiences and learning from each other was very valuable. I started out as a skeptic, but ended up learning a lot about myself. Thank you! – ML, Lawyer

It is a well articulated blend of scientific facts and information as well as the spiritual consciousness and intention behind the behavioral teachings. Dr. K and Tom balanced both of each others teachings very well. Your teaching was full and broad yet clear and concise. The gathering of people was a comfortable forum for sharing and learning. Thanks to you both for a great gift of real care! – AB, Customer Support

I felt we were always talking about profoundly important things in a profoundly kind and generous spirit. The medium was the message – the sessions themselves were meditative, calm, safe, supportive and nonjudgmental. The printed material was so thoughtful – both oral and written and the meditations. I learned a tremendous amount from the group and from Kirana’s and Tom’s spontaneous ideas. – JKP, Law Professor

Fabulous! I wish the series lasted longer. My husband noted that our household has been more harmonious since I participated. My son and I now enjoy making our gratitude lists together at bedtime. – DR, Social Worker

I especially liked talking, learning and thinking about ways to ‘think about thinking’ and overcome mental habits that aren’t helpful. I also liked learning factual knowledge about stress physiology and nutrition. The written information will be a helpful resource. Thank you for giving your time to this! I have friends who will love it! – SP, Writer

I loved the structure and the content of the sessions. The two of you really hit upon many key components that if explored and practiced, can lead to a very fulfilling life experience. I really got in touch with myself and realized that relaxation is attainable. I learned that there are many methods to achieve relaxation/harmony and look forward to establishing good patterns. It was a great experience. – TM, Mother

As soon as I walked into the room I felt safe. I felt like people in the room ‘got it.’ I felt oneness with myself. This experience was very spiritual. I loved it. – AS, Customer Service Representative

The Mind-Body Awareness and Stress Reduction workshop made me aware of ways to incorporate healthier behavior into my lifestyle. Exposure to tai chi and yoga, as well as meditation, and a gathering helped me to adopt new coping strategies in a supportive environment. And increased sense of well-being has contributed to my motivation to continue the practice of yoga or tai chi. As a person who has resisted exercise this is a significant change in my approach to physical activity. Meditation has become a cornerstone of my quest for a more balanced life. I believe I have more tools to control my responses to stressful situations, and a more relaxed view of my role in life. Strangely enough, I feel that by worrying less, I have more control of my environment, as I feel that I am a more positive human being, and I attract a more positive response from the world around me. – JH, Librarian

The Mind-Body Awareness program has introduced me to a holistic approach of living in a natural, easy-to-follow way. I am learning to de-stress and detach myself from unhealthy patterns of coping (or not coping) at work and in the home environment. Instead of reacting, I can now choose to respond to stressful situations in a more self-responsible and self-aware manner. Relaxation techniques, meditation and detoxifying myself of unnecessary trigger foods has been a big help. The sharing of ideas and feedback from group members has provided a support system which I think is imperative to personal growth. The sharing of ideas and feedback from group members has provided a support system which I think is imperative to personal growth. – JB, Underwriter

Simply put – The Stress Reduction through Mind Body Awareness group is a powerful experiential and practical group experience, particularly in helping each of us understand the role and impact that stress plays in our lives both physically and emotionally.
Through their extremely gentle, respectful and caring approach, Dr. Kefalos and her co-facilitator, Tom Drillot, helped each of us through our journey of self-discovery and ‘healing,’ however we defined that for ourselves. A primary focus of the group was on learning to nurture and love ourselves as we do for so many others. The weekly meditations, yoga and tai chi instruction were instrumental in creating a wonderful tone and foundation for the group. Dr K. and Tom created a safe, accepting and open environment for group participants to share and grow. Personally, I felt valued, important and cared about as an individual in the group. The ongoing support and connection with other group members was also invaluable. The ability to empower one another is extremely healing. In short, the group experience enriched my life and provided me with wonderful ‘tools’ and resources (internal and external) to help me create a more harmonious, healthy, balanced and stress-free lifestyle. – DR, Artist, Social Worker, Mother

When I attended my first session of the Mind-Body Awareness program I became more aware of the importance of self-care and that I have the ability to choose, every day, how to manage the care I give to myself. With meditation, I am now able to find a quiet space that is already within the period this quietness sets the tone of peace without fear to my days into my nights. I no longer feel that it is necessary for me to think about so many areas of my life all at one time and that it is better to remain anchored to the present moment. Choosing to give my presents the concentration and attention it deserves, and at the same time I can choose to go into my quiet space with the spirit of peace dwells. Attending the Mind-Body Awareness group sessions is one of the most important decisions I have made in my life, for my life. I will always remember the information that was shared by Dr. Kefalos and by the members of the group. I believe that it is no accident that I am part of this all inspiring, peaceful, and spiritual program. I am so thankful for this opportunity to be part of this group and to share this testimony. I truly believe that we are spiritual beings going through a human experience. And I choose to live my human experience with an open mind and the will to continue to learn.
– AW, Customer Service Representative SBC

These sessions have reinforced my thoughts about giving up my night job of 20 years and do fun things for myself including yoga, tai chi and meditation. I loved the sharing. It’s good to know that I am not the only one who needs to learn stress reduction. I never gave a lot of thought to the mind-body connection but now I realize how the mind really affects the body. Dr. K and Tom – what a wonderful team! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and knowledge with us. – PM, Middle School Teacher

I really love the structure and paradoxically the balance of less structure – the yoga, tai chi or movement at the beginning followed by wonderful meditation then lecture and discussion ending with meditation. Dr K and Tom were awesome leaders – affirming, quite forthright in sharing themselves, set up a great group dynamic, imparted much good information. They set up a safe, nonjudgmental group situation in which people felt free to share. I really incorporated so many elements/tips into my life and will continue to work on doing more (breathing, mindfulness, more exercise, stress management tips). In this society, sometimes it seems that being authentic is not valued/ respected. This group and the leaders validated how important the authentic self is, in terms of mind and body. The mind body connection was shown and demonstrated in so many ways. A wonderful experience!   – SC, Social Worker, Mother

What I liked most about these gatherings – The relaxed state I felt when I left; not feeling alone in my anxiety; the connection I felt with the other people in the group. – RV, Mother

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