Wellness Facilitation Fee

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Starting in January 2018, I instituted an annual Wellness Facilitation Fee.

This annual fee will allow me to sustain the very personalized care which sets me apart from much of mainstream medicine. I offer a very unique combination of conventional medical care weaved with nutritional supplement expertise and energy medicine techniques.

It will allow me to continue to provide the exceptional service that I have been offering including: very personalized care; no long waits when you arrive; longer visits (the average time a person spends with an MD is 7 minutes; the average time in my office is 20-30 minutes – often longer); availability of same day urgent visits; and direct physician access via patient portal and phone 24 hours/day 7 days/week. It will also help to offset the expense of maintaining the complex in-office computer networking system and the electronic medical records.

The annual fee will be due in January. It is non-refundable. It might be covered by your FSA or HSA. (You will need to verify this with your FSA or HSA account manager.)

The fee is $120.00 per patient.

There will be a household cap at $300/year.

This will be paid at the first visit.

Please note that other personalized high-access practices charge much more than this amount. For example, Greenfield Health in Portland charges over $600/year for each person. Local membership practices charge $150/month in addition to co-pays. Local concierge practices charge $3,000 – $10,000 /year in addition to co-pays.

You may pay this in January by sending in a check or via credit card on the website. Credit card payments will be assessed a 3.5% processing fee.
If you are seen later in the year and have not yet paid the fee, you will be charged the full fee at the time of the visit.

As in the past, we will bill your insurance for medical office visits. You will have the same copay or co-insurance as you would at any other office.