Despite its usefulness, there was very little understanding of it or interest in it among the people who come to see me.

I use my ZYTO scanner in a very limited fashion, nevertheless, it proves to be an extremely useful adjunct to the Morphogenic Field Testing (MFT). It is also helpful as a stand-alone tool.

What is ZYTO?
ZYTO is a technology which allows us to ‘read’ the meridians, organ systems and other bio-markers in the body. You place one hand on the sensor and the software in the computer scans your body and its energy systems. It takes about 5 minutes. We can be discussing your concerns during an office visit while we scan your system.

ZYTO looks at bio-markers, organs, meridians and vertebral nerves (among other things). The bio-markers are categorized into such headings as immune, gastrointestinal, hormonal, stress, musculoskeletal etc.  It then sends in the energies of the Standard Process and MediHerb supplements and determines how your own energies respond to them. In this way, the ZYTO helps me determine which supplements might be helpful to you. I then confirm the ZYTO reading by energy testing the supplement.  Of course, there is no obligation to purchase a supplement!

zytoHow do I use ZYTO?
I use ZYTO in conjunction with MFT.  There are 120 bio-makers that are looked at during the scan. I become interested in a supplement if the ZYTO scan shows that it brings in to balance at least 20 bio-markers.  This indicates that this one supplement is very helpful to your body.
ZYTO can also indicate which vertebral bodies your chiropractor would do well adjusting.
ZYTO also lets us know which other healing modalities your body resonates with (yoga, Pilates, massage, a cleanse etc).

It can be very useful to have a ZYTO scan 2-6 times/year even if you are feeling well. It will act as a pointer regarding which supplements and modalities might optimize your health and wellness maintenance.

Two examples:
A gentleman was having gastrointestinal symptoms for years. He had tried many different supplements and remedies over the previous decade without much success. We did a ZYTO scan on him. A MediHerb supplement came up on his scan which balanced nearly all his bio-markers. He took the herbal supplement and his GI symptoms markedly improved over the next few weeks.

A woman was having a persistent sore throat for 3 months, even after having taken antibiotics and working with her acupuncturist. The ZYTO scanner showed that a particular Standard Process immune support supplement brought into balance many of her bio-markers. Within 15 minutes of taking the supplement her sore throat resolved. She continued to take the supplement and had good results.