Kinesiology: Nutrition Response Testing and Morphogenic Field Technique

Kinesiology:  Nutrition Response Testing TM and Morphogenic Field Technique SM.

Dr Kefalos has many years of experience with kinesiology, as known as muscle testing or energy testing. Dr K has found that kinesiology is an extremely helpful tool!  Kinesiology is a simple procedure by which we can access the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and learn from the body’s innate wisdom. The autonomic nervous system  controls those functions which are involuntary or automatic. The ANS is comprised of two main systems: sympathetic (flight or fight) and parasympathetic (rest and digest). When these two systems are in balance, the organ systems function well; when these systems are not in balance, symptoms appear.

Although Kinesiology does not diagnose or treat specific disease states, it can aid in guiding dietary recommendations and supplement protocols directed at supporting organ systems which might not be functioning optimally.  Dr K uses a standardized method called Nutrition Response TestingTM. In this technique, Dr K places her hand on organs or acupuncture points on the patient’s body while lightly pressing on their outstretched arm. If the arm stays ‘locked’ (maintains its strength), the organ area reflex is ‘not active’ meaning the organ is stable and healthy. If the outstretched arm ‘unlocks’ this means the reflex area is ‘active.’ This suggests that the organ system is under stress and would likely benefit from nutritional support to regain optimal health. Dr K will then make suggestions regarding diet and organic whole food based supplements.

Morphogenic Field Technique is very similar and it allows the measurement of the body’s energy field. Our goal is to enhance the field, resulting in enhanced vitality. In this process we have a ‘quantum conversation’ with your body! We match energy signatures from your body and energy resonances from homeopathic vials to guide our understanding of what you body might have which is not helpful, and what is lacking that it needs. Since nutrition is a major component of both of these protocols, those who desire Kinesiology testing will often be asked to bring in diet diaries and make dietary changes. Dr K can help with food sensitivities (please see our page on that).
Dr K is a certified practitioner of Morphogenic Field Technique.

Kinesiology is not a service covered by insurance plans.  Initial sessions are 1 hour – $220. Length of follow up sessions varies: 45 minutes – $165; 30 minutes- $110; 15 minutes -$55.  The usual visit is 15-30 minutes. Usually sessions are suggested every 2-3 weeks for 4-6 weeks (less if symptoms are improving quickly which they often will). As you improve and stabilize follow ups are scheduled at longer and longer intervals.

Breaking Up Energy Blockages With Lasers

The Kinesiology  testing often reveals that scars are blocking energy flow through the body resulting in stress on an organ system or in the body as a whole. Dr K has enjoyed success with a hand held cold laser to help open energy blockages in scar tissue resulting in improved well-being.  Another benefit of the cold laser treatment is that often the appearance of the scar diminishes or completely resolves.
Laser treatments are incorporated into MFT sessions and are not covered by insurance. Laser treatments take 2-3 minutes.  In some cases, just one laser treatment is needed. More commonly, several treatments are needed to get lasting results. Follow up treatments with the laser, if needed, can be done periodically. Hand held lasers are sold at the office for home use.

A personal story regarding the laser and rapid healing:
I picked up a plate not realizing that it was very hot. I burned my hand! There was a large red area which included 3 areas that looked like they would blister immediately. I applied a homeopathic ointment right away. As long as I held ice, my hand was not painful. After a few hours, the area was perhaps a bit less red, but still looked bad and was very painful. I thought of my laser. I applied more of the homeopathic along with another ointment that is helpful for burns. I then shone the light of the laser through the ointments. I did this 2 times in 2 hours. After that, my hand was 85% improved! I was astonished! No more redness. No more pain. Two of the areas that ‘threatened’ to blister still looked abnormal but were much improved. The burn healed completely over the next few days. The laser was certainly a key factor in this rapid healing.